10 signs it's time to quit your job

10 signs its time to quit your job

So, you're tired of your job and or you feel like your career isn't going anywhere. You worked your butt off to obtain your dream job and now you are no longer feeling it. 

Here are 10 signs that will let you know it's time to go!

  1.  You can't rest
    Your mind is so wound up you cannot rest or even take a nap. Just the thought about your job has you tossing and turning all night.

  2. You're bored while working
    While you're at work you find yourself on social media or texting on your phone just to pass the time. You'd rather be anywhere but there and cannot stay focused on your tasks.

  3. Your work is no longer impeccable
    When you got the job you went above the moon and the stars to get hired and now you feel like the world is ending. You no longer care about what your work or deliverables look like you just want them done. Sloppy or not you are no longer motivated to move mountains.

  4. Your morale is down
    When it comes to company events you no longer care to attend or you just find every reason not to so you can avoid everyone and everything at your job at all costs.

  5. The end of your work day makes you happy
    YAY! 5pm is here and you want to do a cartwheel out the door. Your blood pressure is back to being regular and you no longer have to fake smile and joke your way through your day.

  6. You feel like you can't win
    From meetings to deliverables nothing you do seems 'good enough'. Your work no longer speaks for itself and you no longer care to win. 

  7. Your boss is a jerk
    You and your boss no longer see eye to eye and are always at odds over any and everything. He seems to be on your case for the slightest misstep. 

  8. You daydream about your next move  
    At any point during your work day or really at any point at all you feel a sense of relief just when you think about leaving your job. Your soul feels warm and fuzzy and you actually smile about it.

  9. You are motivated to apply elsewhere
    Resume ready you are posting on every job board to hopefully gain insight and leads into new employment. 

  10. You're feeling overwhelmed
    Your workload feels like it has increased and you can no longer handle it or want to at that. Even a vacation wouldn't help, your just over it.

    All and all make sure you have a plan in place before you go and quit your job. Have a goal in mind and finances set while you ponder quitting. 

    Like the old saying " you can't count your chickens before they hatch" plan your moves (your life) accordingly. 

    *Disclaimer: In no way am I advising you to quit your job. This list is used to demonstrate the actions held while employed and what you could potentially feel like.