How To Avoid Embarrassing Email Mistakes

How to avoid embarrassing email mistakes

Writing emails is one of the most effective ways to communicate. Unfortunately mistakes can happen that could hurt your business as well as your credibility. Below I provide 10 embarrassing mistakes that YOU can avoid.

1. Using Text Messaging Grammar

One of the worst ways to send an email to a client is to use text messaging grammar. This can be OMG (Oh My Gosh), BC (because) and so on. Even emoji's are sometimes risky. The only time I would use something like this is if a repore has already been built or this is part of my company branding. Overall the use of this type of grammar is case by case and I wouldn't recommend using this at all.

2. Reply Length

When replying to a message it is essential to answer any questions and provide a detailed response. However, you must your reply length does not need to be an essay long. Get to the point and stick to the topic. Try and minimze the uneccssary email exchange and get everything done in one email.

If you're still in doubt use this handy word length checker:

3. Watch Your Subject Lines

Keep your readers engaged with your content by providing clear and concise subject lines. See this REALLY helpful list of 101 subject lines for your email lists. I have used this list in the past and it is truly a lifesaver for my engagement with my clients. Use it and let me know how it works for you.

Think about it, you open your inbox and see a bunch of emails from different senders. The one thing that pops out is the subject line. Make sure it is catchy and reflects your content.

4. Reply All

The dreadful reply all button can serve as not the best idea. Using reply all provides an acknowledgement to all associated parties. Reply all is another component that serves on a case by case basis. Only share and select reply all if it is truly neccessary and relevant for the content of the exchange AND if all parties would benefit from your reply. Providing sensitive information in a reply all situation to folks who should not be privy can spell nightmare. Take your time and review your email prior to sending to avoid information getting into the wrong hands.

5. Email Tone

Email tone is another essential thing to know. Writing in all caps or using characters out of the ordinary can make your email tone embarrassing. Always use proper grammer and refrain from sounding angry or sarcastic. Your email tone can say a lot about you and your brand so be careful and always review your email prior to sending.

How to avoid email mistakes

All and all it is super important to proofread your messages whether in an email or text. You can never check too many times. Communication is key so make sure you prepare your message with your best thoughts at hand.

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