5 Reasons Why You Should Use Squarespace

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Squarespace

So you're thinking about using Squarespace or you currently have an account and you want to make sure your investment is actually worth it. Well let me tell you 5 awesome things about Squarespace that won't leave you with buyers remorse.

Introducing 5 reasons why you should use squarespace

1. You have the an ultra responsive site. If your customer / web visitor shows up to your site via a mobile device, tablet, PC or laptop you are in really good hands! Your site will have the ability to look clean and easy to navigate from ANY device. This is super important! You can always log into Squarespace to check out your analytics to see how your customers are finding you and what type of device or browser they use but having the ability to not have to code all of this totally saves you some time.

Peep some of my clean and professional Squarespace website designs here.

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2. Don't like it? Change it. If you are indecisive on how your site looks you can change it all in 1 day or in a few hours (if you know what you are doing). Switching to a new template can seem a bit overwhelming but it can totally transform the look and feel of your site in a matter of minutes or hours depending on your level of comfort with Squarespace. Never before has it been so easy to flip your site from blah to boom in one swoosh! Find out how to switch your template here!

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3. Drag and drop it like its hot! Yes indeed you can literally drag and drop images, text, buttons, etc. into a space to create your new site and or page. This is so seamless and versatile. It just takes a few minutes to learn and you can easily manipulate the design. Take a look here and follow the directions. If it seems too hard send me a message.

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4. Get a free domain and free email when you sign up! Yes it’s true for your first year you can get a free domain and even a free email address to get you up and running in minutes! See here how to get it from Squarespace.


5. Last but not least….If you have something to sell you can seamlessly connect your product, service or even digital downloads. Squarespace is such a great source in functionality! You can even connect your products to Facebook and or Instagram for even more selling power! Start here to power up your options!

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